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Professional Events Calendar

Event Date Location Presenter Details

Demand Driven Leader

APICS Twin Cities

12 Nov Minneapolis, MN John Melbye Register

Demand Driven Planner - DDP

APICS Twin Cities 

15 Jan Minneapolis, MN John Melbye Register
DDS&OP Experience  11 Mar Minneapolis, MN

John Melbye

TFC Global Challenge Final 19-20 Nov Amsterdam, The Netherlands Inchainge BV TBA


Academic Events Calendar

Train the Teacher 1-Day Workshops is complimentary for Professors and Teachers. Educators will learn how to integrate the simulation into their syllabus, set-up and configure a simulation, and analyse the results.  For more information about our Academic Calendar, please contact Laurie Denham 

The Fresh Connection


Nov 8 Jacksonville, FL Tracy Cheetham Register

The Cool Connection 




Jacksonville, FL Tracy Cheetham send me info
The Fresh Connection Train-the-Teacher Feb 2020



Tracy Cheetham send me info

Are you a Professor or Teacher but can't get to a workshop? Request the online Train-the-Teacher program here

Prof. Jose Manuel Velarde, Dr. Deandra Travis of NAU, Tracy Cheetham - Master Instructor for The Fresh Connection, Asst. Prof. Isaac Elking UHD, Natalia Abgaryan - Graduate Teaching Assistant to Prof. Gordon Smith - UH Bauer, and Laurie Denham - Education Associate for ParadoxSolve after completing Train the Teacher workshop at North American University - Houston. 

(Not in photo: David Goomas of Galvaston College) 


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