Simulation Workshops for Experiential Learning


A Unique Value Chain Experience  A simulated value chain learning experience in a competitive environment where decisions are made in a team consisting of sales, procurement, supply chain and production. More...



Bridging Physical and Financial Supply Chains A senior level experience where the world of business financing meets the supply chain and decisions are made by a team consisting of sales, production, procurement and finance. More...


  • Highly interactive
  • Powerful, sophisticated learning tool for professionals and students.
  • Opportunity to increase cross-functional awareness and collaboration
  • Rewarding team building opportunity 



The Fresh Connection Simulation and The Cool Connection Simulation engage participants in making strategic and tactical decisions to improve the organizations ROI. Working in teams of four, participants representing functional roles are challenged to consider corporate strategy and business objectives to effectively convert strategy into action. All while having to consider and adapt to contemporary business issues and trade-offs. They are confronted with the dilemmas in managing the interdependencies in their supply chain.


By participating in 'rounds' that each constitute 6 months in the real world, participants are encouraged to be proactive and think more about long term decisions which can influence business performance, rather than focus on short term reactive measures that have a limited impact upon company profitability. Participants gain a cross functional understanding and the need for collaboration is directly experienced as the team has to work together to turn the company around. Participants will learn to align corporate strategy with an effective supply chain performance in an environment of uncertainty and volatility.



Dependent upon organizational requirements and desired learning outcomes the web-based business simulation provides companies with several learning formats to ensure business objectives are met. Examples are: 

  • Open competition: Ideal for team building and increasing cross-functional awareness.
  • In-company workshops: Can be flexibly structured in less than one day or in multiple sessions in a period of a few months.
  • Integration into ongoing in-company learning programs: Leading organizations around the world have identified the value of business simulation as a tool to engage management, teach core competencies, build partnerships, improve collaboration, manage change, and drive company profitability in achieving a shared vision and alignment throughout the organization.
  • Relationship events: Can be incorporated in client or supplier events as a learning experience to improve collaboration.
  • Recruitment events: Companies can employ the business simulation tool as an experimental master class for selecting and attracting talent from universities and colleges.




The Fresh Connection (TFC) creates greater alignment and a deeper understanding in the worlds biggest and best businesses:

  • Fortune Global 500: 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses are using TFC
  • Gartners Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC
  • Global top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC

 The Fresh Connection, ”the ultimate value chain experience”