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Students and Universities

Simulation in College Curriculum and University Programs

This cross functional business simulation will motivate your students to deliver optimal performance using supply chain best practices from theory and real life. With themes, levels and variants, it is possible for your institution to integrate a competitive business simulation environment into your curriculum to suit any program level.  

Global Supply Chain Student Challenge

Every year The Fresh Connection Global Student Challenge has hundreds of students from competing Universities across the globe to become the best Supply Chain team for the year. This is an ideal opportunity to develop and showcase your talent and skills for recruitment opportunities.

Join our Simulation Facilitator Network

Professors can join other Supply Chain Subject Matter Experts and lecturers from these Institutions, who are delivering a highly interactive experiential learning environment as part of their Supply Chain program.

We have one-day complimentary train-the-teacher workshop events, or an online program you can take at your own pace specifically for teachers.

Global events for Teachers and Professors

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Student Global Challenge

Participate in the Global Student Challenge through your university using The Cool Connection or The Fresh Connection business simulation platforms into program curriculum. The best teams advance to the regional challenge, and the best teams from there advance to the Global Final. There are super cash prizes! 


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Mastering the Supply Chain 

An introduction to Supply Chain Management that presents a different way of learning. 

This book integrates theory with practice and aims to create a cross-functional mindset in students and practitioners. It provides a wide overview of relevant supply chain concepts and sets out the challenges that need to be overcome, in order to find practical ways of implementing these in a real company situation. Readers are continuously asked to reflect on the choices they make, thus experiencing first-hand the many challenges that good and effective supply chain management presents.  A key text for students on supply chain management BScs and MScs as well as background reading for students using The Fresh Connection business simulation game.                                                            A book by Ed Weenk. 

Using The Fresh Connection - Professor Nicolai Rassolov, has mentored student teams in the APICS Canadian Case Study Competition from 2014 to 2018. His strudent teams have regularly taken top spots in the Canadian and global challenges. “It helped me to build the course that provided in the theoretical knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge, directly in the classroom and simulation. And it helped students who had no experience in supply chain management to understand the concept and to understand how things work together.” Read more here

                                                                 Please send me a trial version of The Fresh Connection.