A Unique Demand Driven Sales and Operations Experience with The Fresh Connection Presented with real-world constraints and challenges the participants go through the S&OP process to implement DDMRP using basic Demand Driven MRP buffer rules and discover the power and impact of DDMRP buffers strategically positioned to protect the flow.  Co-Developed by ParadoxSolve and CM Entreprises.

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A Unique Value Chain Experience focused on movement of physical goods.  Learning through simulation in a competitive environment where decisions are made by a team consisting of sales, purchasing, supply chain and production. Practice your decision-making, team communication, collaboration,  interpretation of results and application of knowledge to improve the ROI.

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Bridging Physical and Financial Supply Chains A senior level experience where the world of business financing meets the supply chain and decisions are made by a team consisting of sales, supply chain, procurement and finance. Understand the impact of financial policies and agreements on the supply chain, while making strategic and tactical decisions to align your supply chain to improve ROI. 

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From Linear to a Circular Economy

It's increasingly clear that the business of today and the future needs to change the way they operate. The circular economy provides new opportunities and new business models. Here we learn how to transform from a linear to a circular economy using three different strategies, focusing on new performance indicators. 

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The Fresh Connection (TFC) creates greater alignment and a deeper understanding in the worlds biggest and best businesses:

  • Fortune Global 500: 40% of the top 100 manufacturing businesses are using TFC
  • Gartners Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC
  • Global top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC

 The Fresh Connection, ”the ultimate value chain experience”