Corporate Training Solutions
Corporate Training Solutions

TFC Global Challenge 2016 USA Premier Partner

DATE & Venue: 22 September 2016 at Kovens Conference Center, Florida International University, Miami

2016 Challenge Finalists: 

  Brazil: Coca-Cola

  China: (2 teams)

  France: Sanofi

  Pakistan: TCS
  Poland: SPX Flow Technology
  Russia: R-Pharm
  Saudi Arabia: TBA
  The Netherlands: Avebe
  Turkey: BRISA

  United Kingdom: AB World Foods


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The Paradoxsolve team consists of individuals with real world experience. Each member of our management team has over 20 years supply chain experience working for multi-national organizations. We have first-hand experience of the Supply Chain challenges organizations encounter every day.


Servicing our customers:

  • Consulting and training solutions in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Project Management
  • Lean Transformation
  • The introduction and optimization of Sales & Operations Planning process
  • Workshops on the fundamentals of S&OP, Logistics and Distribution
  • World-class business simulation tools to enhance collaboration and Supply Chain skills
  • Internationally recognized certification in Logistics and Supply chain
  • Education on warehousing, distribution, logistics and transport
  • Advanced scheduling solutions for distribution operations


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