Experiential Learning Testimonials

See what participants across the world are saying about our experiential learning programs.

Universities and Business Schools

“The Fresh Connection does not focus on unilateral optimization from just one approach, but unites the views of various important functional areas in one game” 


Prof. Ann Vereecke, Vlerick Management School - Leuven, Ghent.



“Steep learning curve with ever changing scenarios to keep you on your toes. Same calculations and thought process as when working in real-world supply chain situations” 


Rich Swapp, MIT.


“An experience of a lifetime – The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It’s a fast forward version of years of experience, challenges, nightmares and thrills”


 Sagar Neel De, MIT.

Supply Chain Professionals

“One of many great aspects of The Fresh Connection is its ability to present the importance of structured communication to its participants and demonstrate the cost of not communicating effectively”


 Ali Leghaei, CFO, MRL Logistics.


"The Fresh Connection is a serious game that has added value to the GKN development program. A way to motivate teams in delivering performance using supply chain best practice out of their daily environment." 


Cyril Fougerouse - Global Supply Chain Program Manager at GKN

More testimonials

“Best business simulation game I ever played. Great way to learn how decisions affect the entire supply chain. More often, optimized decisions in silos bring troubles for the entire SC. Great way to form teams among different areas in a company. Easy to play despite participants in different countries or facilities. Teaches the importance of making decisions with numbers in order to optimize processes and that gut feeling and experience is important but not sufficient” Gustavo Cavides, MIT Student.


"The Fresh Connection was a challenging test of decision making, commercial awareness and learning agility that requires each individual to understand the impact of their role and actionson the profitability of the whole business" Adam Lockwood - Supply Development Manager, Mars UK


"The Fresh Connection is a valuable tool for developing cross functional partnerships with key stakeholders in the value chain; focused on driving profitability through collaboration to achieve a common vision allowing alignment of functional goals to meet company objectives. The keys to success are: education, behavioral change, team work, collaboration and partnership-all values which are entrenched in The Fresh Connection." Parker Kapp - Chief Supply Chain Officer at Philip Morris Australia


"We sell in Europe and we source from across the globe, this is an excellent platform for learning the importance of collaboration across the extended supply chain." Peter Surtees - Director of European Supply Chain at Kimberly-Clark

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