The Cool Connection

Bridging Physical and Financial Supply Chains 

 A senior level experience where the world of business financing meets the supply chain and decisions are made by a team consisting of sales, supply chain, procurement and finance. Understand the impact of financial policies and agreements on the supply chain, while making strategic and tactical decisions to align your supply chain to improve ROI.  Teams are confronted with the dilemmas in managing the interdependencies of the physical and financial supply chain. 


BENEFITS of THE COOL CONNECTION learning experience

  • Increase cross functional knowledge and awareness.
  • Develop advanced decision making skills.
  • Learn how to effectively manage trade-offs.
  • Gain knowledge of how to put business strategy into action.
  • Build effective teams.
  • Benefits of collaboration are measurable.


WHO should participate in THE COOL CONNECTION workshops

  • Internal and external cross-functional teams within an organization.
  • Senior S&OP leadership groups/teams.
  • Senior level business development programs.
  • Senior management involved in optimizing the value chain of a business.
  • Professionals with a career in Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Banking and Supply Chain.



Participants experience the functioning of the physical supply chain while having to deal with the financial constraints. Cross functional understanding and collaboration is directly experienced as the team has to work together to turn the company around. Participants will learn to align corporate strategy with an effective supply chain performance in an environment of uncertainty and volatility causing cash flow and funding constraints.


By participating in simulation 'rounds' that each constitute 6 months in the real world, participants are encouraged to be proactive and think about the trade-offs of long term decisions which can influence business performance goals and on short term reactive measures that have a limited impact upon company profitability.


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