The Fresh Connection 

Unique Value Chain Experience with a focus on movement of physical goods. 

Learn through simulation in a competitive environment where strategic and tactical decisions are made by a team that role play sales, purchasing, supply chain and production executives. Practice your decision-making, team communication, collaboration,  interpretation of results and application of knowledge to improve the ROI. 

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Benefits of participation

  • Increased cross functional knowledge and awareness.
  • Development of advanced decision making skills.
  • Understanding of how to effectively manage trade-offs.
  • Practice how to put strategy into action though a robust S&OP process.
  • Improved team dynamics and communication
  • Effective team building.
  • Increased individual confidence
  • Benefits of team collaboration are visible and measurable.

Who should participate?

  • Executives across Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Commercial functions. 
  • Cross-functional teams from an organization.
  • S&OP leadership groups/teams.
  • Supply Chain Analyists.
  • Business development programs.
  • Team leaders involved in value chain optimization.
  • Professionals with a career in Business, Procurement, Demand Planning, Sales, Operations  or Supply Chain Management.


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Testimonials and Case Studies

Since 2008, The Fresh Connection has been experienced by more than 12,000 professionals in 600 companies across the world. Either in an open workshop, in-house closed workshop or as participants in Global Professional Challenge. Who better to judge its effectiveness than those who have already benefited!

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